Reconstruction from Irregular Samples with Variable Apertures: Software

Prof. David G. Long
Brigham Young University Center for Remote Sensing
Microwave Earth Remote Sensing (MERS) Laboratory
459 Clyde Building, Provo, Utah USA

Software to accompany the paper:
D.G. Long and R.O.W. Franz, Band-Limited Signal Reconstruction from Irregular Samples with Variable Apertures, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, to appear, doi:10.1109/TGARS.215.2501366, 2016.

One-dimensional reconstruction:

  Direct implemenation of Long and Franz (2016)

    Irregularly-spaced samples with (possible) variable apertures.

  General implementation of one-dimensional reconstruction

    More efficient implementation and comparison with other methods.

Two-dimensional reconstruction:

  Two-dimensional irregularly-spaced samples with (possible) variable apertures. Includes routines to test the rank of the sampling.

Basic Theory (544kB PDF file)

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