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CGS Introduction

An overview of the purpose, history, and reasoning behind the CGS


Seawinds on QuikSCAT (An Artist's Rendition - 98 K JPEG)

Seawinds on ADEOS II (An Artist's Rendition - 10 K GIF)

QuikSCAT Launch (Photograph - 1.3 MB JPEG)

QuikSCAT Launch 2 (Photograph - 12 K JPEG)

QuikSCAT Schematic (178 K GIF)

Remote sensing is a method of observing a site from a different location. One application of remote sensing is measuring wind speed and direction over the ocean using satellites. Through the Winds Program, NASA has been working on wind measurement for almost two decades to better understand global weather patterns.

The Calibration Ground Station was set up to calibrate the Seawinds instrument and validate the data.

The Calibration approach taken by BYU uses a model to simulate satellite transmissions.