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Future Work

Ideas that are still in the works

Absolute Timing

Currently there is a long term time offset due to the difference between clocks on the instrument and at the ground station. This discrepancy will be worked out.

Polarization Power Differences

There is believed to be a 1 dB difference between the H pol beam and the V pol beam. The CGS has the potential to reconcile this difference.

Atmospheric Effects

Currently the loss due to atmosphere is lumped into one parameter. This could be adjusted to incorporate weather, path loss, refraction, and reflection. This could improve the estimated power accuracy by .2-.3 dB.

Absolute Backscatter Calibration

Because the area surrounding the CGS is extremely well known and can provide in situ data, absolute calibration of instrument measured backscatter can be obtained by using the CGS.

Kalman Prediction

By implementing a Kalman filter it is hoped that instrument errors can be predicted and thus accounted for before they happen. The CGS can aid in the development of the Kalman filter.

Statistical Estimation Limits

Because of the many variables involved in detection and estimation of the signal, the exact statistical limits of estimation have not been derived. This needs to be completed.