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A summary of the BYU Cal/Val Effort

The Calibration Ground Station is an essential part of ground based calibration for Seawinds on QuikSCAT. Through the use of a model-based calibration approach, many valuable and otherwise unobtainable calibration results have been obtained. The model is designed to emulated the complete operation of the Seawinds instrument, using telemetry information sets, similar to actual data received at the Calibration Ground Station. A comparison between the two data sets is made which consists of receiving the instrument data, finding pulses in the noise and thier respective timing, frequency, and power, then determining the difference between the actual data and the model. The model is then perturbed until the error between the two data sets is minimized in a least-squares sense. Through this calibration approach errors in timing have been detected and corrected, nominal specification values have been refined in their precision, and accuracy in satellite position and pointing has been improved and continues to be refined. The calibration analysis is an onging project. Future goals include increased refinement in measurements as well as other related analyses.

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